While the replacement Sarah is being chosen, how about an honesty day.

You can ask me whatever your little hearts desire, and I mean anything.

Don’t be shy precious~

(OOC)sorry it took so long

I’ve been looking over all the offers to become Sarah. (there’s a lot) trying to choose just one. I have a few narrowed down, so hopefully I can choose soon. Again sorry for the wait!

→As the World Falls Down(1/4)
OOC: Ok it’s been over 8 Months…

I’ve given up on the others, so if anyone wishes to RP with me go right ahead! I loved them and all, but seriously? I mean I’m just saying…

So I’ll be needing a Sarah and/or any other Girls Next Door characters out there! It’s just been so boring and I feel bad for Jareth just sitting here and reblogging things.

So yeah any takers on the roles? Just send me an example on you being whatever character you want! I’ll decide that way.

Also I’ll offically decide by lets say… the 6th? (that’s my birthday :3) That’s enough time for tryouts right?

Umm hi. I saw that you are missing a Christine and a Sarah in your RP, and I want to join one as a already existing character. I follow GND and Roomates, and I love both stories, so I'd like to offer my services as either, if you want. If you could reply to this question to let me know. Thanks!

OOC: Sure why not! The more the marrier! Who did you wanna be?

Sorry For the Delay

I haven’t been able to get on here in awhile, due to Sarah and her little friend visiting my Labyrinth. Did everyone have a pleasent Holiday?


Within You

Meow…… :3

OOC: I’m Back

Sorry for being away for so long ^_^;; I’m been dealing with a lot of family drama, but it’s cooling down now i think…

I have a few asks that i will reply to, mainly about possibly role playing with me, and since everyone’s rp pages seem to be somewhat dead I don’t see why not to be honest. I loved role playing with them but I mean it has been awhile… 

What do you guys think? give me your opinions! I suck at making choices ^_^;;


  “Well, let’s see how you deal with this little slice.”